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Modification misunderstanding

Time:2021-07-03 09:28:08

1. Buy fakes cheaply

Wheel modification is an important step in car modification. Whether it is appearance modification or improvement of handling performance, the wheel hub plays an important role in it. A high-quality wheel hub, after rigorous production process and strict inspection, ensures that Its personality parameters are qualified. Of course, a set of genuine wheels are expensive, and there are only a handful of domestic companies that can produce and sell them domestically (with export products), so the prices of imported wheels are more expensive. Therefore, in order to save costs, many modification players choose the so-called "domestic" and "Taiwan-made" fake wheels. This is completely undesirable. If it is a fake wheel produced by a "small workshop", although the appearance is not much different from the genuine wheel. , But in terms of weight, strength, etc. are far from reaching the safety indicators, there are often problems such as inexplicable cracks and deformations when players use "fake" wheels, and in the high-speed process, fakes are not enough. Supporting such a high-intensity load, if a high-speed burst occurs, it will directly affect the lives of drivers and passengers! Therefore, it is particularly reminded that if economic conditions temporarily do not allow, please carefully choose to modify the wheel. Although the original "steel ring" and "cast wheel" may not be beautiful and lightweight, at least the safety is guaranteed. . The performance of the hub is generally forged hub>cast hub>steel hub.

2. Did not choose the right wheel correctly

The wheel hub has a more obvious effect on improving the appearance, but when choosing a wheel hub, every detail must be considered. The various parameters of the wheel hub will affect the use of the wheel hub and the vehicle. If the PCD value is incorrect, it may not be installed properly. ET The value not only affects the installation and use, but may also affect future upgrades. For example, the original car has a single-piston brake system, and the owner intends to upgrade it to a multi-piston brake system in the future. If the ET value and the wheel size are too small, it will affect the normal Installation, so that when the brake system is upgraded, a second consumption is required to replace or upgrade the wheel hub.

3. Incorrect installation of the wheel hub

When many black-hearted merchants provide modified wheels, they will not prompt the owner of the size of the center hole diameter. If this size is smaller than the original size, it will naturally not be installed, but if it is larger than the original size and no comparison measures have been taken, it will It causes disagreement when the vehicle is driving, causing abnormal noise and shaking of the vehicle, and in severe cases, it will directly affect the safety of the vehicle. If you really like the wheel hub you are looking at, and you happen to have no suitable center hole size, if the size is too small, it can be reamed, and if the size is too large, you can choose a center hole collar provided by some manufacturers for correction.

4. I think the bigger the wheel, the better

Some people think that refitting a large-size wheel hub is called an upgrade. Some people think that a large-size wheel hub is more visually impactful, but whether it is visual or performance, it is moderate to choose the wheel hub size that suits your vehicle. In terms of appearance, the oversized wheels make people feel light-heavy and affect the overall feeling. In terms of performance, a balance is needed. Large-size wheels must be upgraded with tires. Larger and wider tires must be selected. While wide tires provide more stable grip, strong friction will make Your car's start-up speed is very slow, and fuel consumption has increased significantly, and the size of the wheel is too large. If other parameters are not adjusted, it will also have a great impact on the steering of the vehicle. Each wheel has a wheel size. Limit, if you blindly pursue size, you will have to sacrifice a lot in terms of performance and handling. Not only that, but from the perspective of cost performance, wheels of the same type and material, the larger the size, the greater the price, and the size of the corresponding tires needs to be increased accordingly, and the price will rise accordingly.

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