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Can car wheels be changed at will?

Time:2021-07-03 09:24:16

Without the approval of the traffic management department, a car with a wheel hub cannot pass the annual inspection normally.

1. Relevant national regulations on car modification:

Under any of the following circumstances, the change registration shall not be processed:

1. Changing the brand, model, and engine model of a motor vehicle, except for engines that have been approved by the department in charge of motor vehicle products under the State Council;

2. Changes in the appearance of registered motor vehicles and related technical data, except as otherwise provided by laws, regulations and national mandatory standards, modification of automobile wheels is an act of changing the appearance of automobiles, and it is difficult to pass the annual inspection.

According to the relevant provisions of the current "Regulations on Motor Vehicle Registration", to change the body color, model, performance, purpose and structure of a licensed motor vehicle, and to replace the frame, body or engine, vehicle owners must apply to the DMV for change registration. In principle, the installation of rear wing, large enveloping, and modification of exhaust pipes are not allowed.

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